Spain is a varied, diverse country. In fact, it is not very difficult to find references to the “different Spains” due to the Spanish climatic, natural and cultural diversity of its regions. In general, there are clear distinctions between Northern Spain, humid and green; Inland Spain, sparsely populated and inventively flat; Mediterranean Spain, fertile and luminous; Southern Spain (Andalusia), the most famous Spanish, hot and dry, bright as the whitewash of its homes; and the two “Island Spains,” like sisters but quite different: The Balearic Isles, which have preserved the wisdom of the Mare Nostrum, and the Canary Islands, a phantasmagorical volcanic mountain range hovering over the Atlantic Ocean, with privileged climate conditions all through the year.

Its splendid beauty and an absolutely privileged geographic and strategic setting – straddling Europe, of which is part, and Africa – has made Spain since ancient times a crossroads, a point of encounter between East and West. The cultural and ethnic diversity, mixture of civilizations that had come here finding it an irresistible place to settle, have left behind the a unique, original culture which has proved to be an admirable experiment in synthesis. Spain, which has been Iberian, Celtic, Greek, Phoenician, Jewish, Roman, Gothic, Moorish, and finally Christian, so often conquered and, later, a conqueror, has managed to integrate all its disparate heritages into a modern, vibrant country, whose inhabitants, proud of their aged and ancient land, have decidedly taken on the challenge of the future. Spain is today a member of the European Union, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the OECD.

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  • Barcelona, Catalonia
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  • Madrid
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  • Seville – New Area!

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