Provence Villas and Apartments

Aix-en-Provence, St-Remy de Provence, Avignon, The Luberon

Aix-en-Provence Area 4 Properties

St-Remy de Provence Area 9 Properties

Avignon Area 9 Properties

The Luberon 6 Propertes

Like a precious stone, Provence is many faceted, and like the stone her most potent magic is beheld in the moment she catches the light. Dazzled by the light of Provence, brilliant painters of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries labored to capture the region’s beauties on canvas, creating images that still enchant us today. From limestone peaks to fields of lavender to vast stretches of breathtaking coastline, the landscapes of Provence could not fail to inspire.

But the magic of Provence bewitches not only the eyes. Centuries of peaceful living in her sun-soaked villages have engendered traditions and folkways that appeal irresistibly to our imaginations, seducing even the most modern sensibility. The clackety clack of the time-honored game of boules mingles with the hum of cicadas and a clinking of wine glasses in celebration of the harvest. Scents of lavender and linden conjure an olfactory bliss, surpassed only by the aroma of baking bread.

Village markets overflow with fragrant produce, destined—alongside the fisherman’s daily catch—for colorfully laid tables. And as the mistral winds recall to us the eternal power of nature, the warmth and cheer of a Provençal café beckon as a dream of perfect hospitality. So come to Provence, if you will, to look upon Van Gogh’s sunflowers and Cézanne’s beloved Mont Ste. Victoire. But come not only as a spectator in a museum—let all your senses awaken to discover the most essential art of Provence: l’art de vivre—the art of living.

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